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Robert and Rhonda Balsley
"Dear Jason,

My wife and I want to express our gratitude for all you did to help us sell our house and purchase a new one. Your expertise and hard work was invaluable and without a doubt the most important part of our success.

As you know, our intention with this move was to get into a new home that will serve eventually as our retirement home. While the house we were selling was in pretty good shape and had a decent curb appeal, the neighborhood was extremely weak. Both my wife and I felt we would be lucky to break even. But we were chasing our dream; so we moved forward and contacted you for help.

From the beginning you were pointedly honest with us and the challenges we faced. You had done your research before our initial meeting and told us the average selling time for our neighborhood was 100 days and the average sell price per square foot was around $58-$60. You were candid about what to expect. You didn't sugarcoat anything and we appreciated that.

But, as you know, we had an unexpected outcome. Primarily through your ability to market our home, we ended up selling in 15 days; and we got $63 per square foot. A dream quickly realized and about $5000 more than we had thought possible.

The story does not end here, however. You also helped us negotiate the minefield that was the home inspection and coordinated everything up to closing on the house we were selling. Then you helped us with the contract on our new house and guided us through our own new home inspection and eventual closing.

Both my wife and I work for the United States Air Force at Tinker AFB. There is a phrase we commonly use called "cradle to grave". This basically means from the start of a program, project, or weapons system to the end. That's how we feel about the support you gave us. You helped us from the beginning when we put our house on the market all the way until the end when we closed on our dream/retirement home. It's hard to imagine how you would have done more; or how we could have done it without you.

Thank you, Jason.

Warmest Regards,

Robert and Rhonda Balsley
2701 SE 8th Street
Moore, Oklahoma 73160 "
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Jeff & Heather Wettschurack
"To Whom It May Concern:

?Throughout moving to multiple states, and working with a greater number of realtors, my view of real estate agents was somewhat tainted. I saw a world of "Yes!" men and women that would tell me whatever I wanted to hear, in order to make the sale. So in our last move from South Carolina to Oklahoma, any realtor we chose was battling uphill against a closed mind.

Despite the above, I immediately noticed Jason's approach to selling/buying homes was different. His manner was professional and no-nonsense. He told me what I needed to hear to make the right decision, and not what I wanted to hear so that he could sell the house. It's rare to see a realtor attempt to find a house that suits the buyer, rather than mold the buyer to accept the house. Viewing homes with Jason is a chance for the buyer to comment on and make up their own mind about a house. It's not just another opportunity for the realtor to practice their sales pitch.

Jason is very familiar with the area, its history, present, and more importantly, future. This knowledge is one of the many, key components, that will factor into the smart purchase of a home. I have, and will continue to recommend Jason to anyone looking for a realtor in the greater Oklahoma City Area.?

Jeff & Heather Wettschurack

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Rick & Theresa McIntire
"To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Mr. Jason Nedrow for the outstanding job that he performed while selling our home.

Jason has the utmost professional attitude while at the same time being friendly and personable. He has the ability to make you feel comfortable when dealing with the immense legal issues and establishes a trust that, through his recommendations, you are making the right decisions regarding the sale of your home.

He is very diligent and has a great go-getter attitude. Regardless of our home being priced in the high end of our neighborhood?s market value, he was able to sell it in a little over a month.

His suggestions were very beneficial in aiding us in the steps we needed to take to sell our home and obtain the highest price possible.

He stayed in close contact with us either by phone or mail to keep us abreast of any and all situations and issues.

In my opinion, Jason?s efficiency made the whole transaction as painless an experience as possible and I would definitely recommend him to anyone that I knew who was selling a home and needed a good realtor.

Rick & Theresa McIntire

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Bonnie Webb
"I don't think anyone would sit back and say that they enjoy the experience ofbuying and selling a
home unless they are in the real estate business. I found that under the care and attention of
Jason Nedrow that there was never a moment that I regretted moving. Jason saw to every detail
in a very professional manner and in a timely fashion. Jason handled all the repairs to my home
by calling all the right people and keeping the price to me, the client, as minimal as possible yet
met the demands ofthe buyer. There was never a day that I had to miss work to see to the repairs
or issues surrounding the sell ofmy home. Jason was always there to handle those frustrating
matters. Jason quickly helped me fmd a house to meet my needs once a contract on my home
was signed and made sure that everything was done to keep the contract in place until closing
without causing any undue stress to me the client. Bottom line, Jason really did work for the
client to the letter and my concerns were his concerns. There is not a doubt in my mind that the
first person I would think of as a recommendation for a realtor to my friends and family would be
Jason Nedrow and I know that their experience will be just as rewarding.
Bonnie Webb"
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